ALBUM – East Karelia, Finnish Military Authority (1941 – 1944)

These are “virtual album pages” from the Dead Country collection of W. Michael Adkins. If interested in how they were made, go to the About This Site page. To link directly to the pdf file, click here.

Unless otherwise noted, numbers are from the Scott Catalogue.

2 Responses to ALBUM – East Karelia, Finnish Military Authority (1941 – 1944)

  1. Lauri says:

    Enjoyed your pages. Good looking virtual albums. Are you interested in buying the missing east karealian black overprint 5mk stamp ? Anything else you would need from East Karelia ?

    • Michael says:

      Dear Lauri, thank you for visiting the site, and I am glad you enjoyed the albums. I would be interested in buying the missing stamp, provided it is not too expensive. I haven’t been able to find the single (and am not ready to buy a whole set to just get the missing issue). Please email me at

      Also, my wife and I will be visiting Finland for the first time next month and look forward to spending a few days exploring. Unfortunately, I wont be in the eastern portion of the country. (maybe next time)

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