ALBUM – Arequipa, Chilean Occupation of Peru (1881 – 1885)

These are “virtual album pages” from the Dead Country collection of W. Michael Adkins. If interested in how they were made, go to the About This Site page. To link directly to the pdf file, click here.

Unless otherwise noted, numbers are from the Scott Catalogue.

4 Responses to ALBUM – Arequipa, Chilean Occupation of Peru (1881 – 1885)

  1. Russell Addison says:

    Michael, I have a 5 cent stamp with the Coat of Arms and Franquero across the bottom, it is Imperforated and black. It is O.P. Arequipa, but it is slightly damaged on one corner. If it is of interest to you I would be glad to send it to you. I can send you a scan of it if you wish.
    Regards, Russell Addison in Melbourne, Australia.

  2. peter says:

    Many thanks for the interesting information on these stamps. I have in my collection one block of eight stamps of 3N25 Rear Admiral Grau and another block of eight stamps of 3N26 Col. Francisco Bolonesi , but was unable to find any useful details on them.

    Peter Johnstone

    • Michael says:

      Hi Peter
      Thank you for visiting DCStamps and for your nice comments. I haven’t seen blocks of 8 of these stamps, and frankly, while they aren’t extremely high value, they are often quite elusive. Both Admiral Grau and Col Bolonesi were Peruvian heroes in the War of the Pacific, and both were killed in battle (Grau was killed during the Naval Battle of Angamos on 8 Oct 1879 on his ship the Huascar, while Bolonesi was killed in a battle at Arica on 7 Jun, 1880). As Arequipa was a stronghold of the Peruvian resistance, it makes sense that such heroes would be featured on stamps issued there. As with most of the provisional stamps issued in the various cities during the occupation, they were all fairly crudely printed.


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