ALBUM – Danish West Indies (1754 – 1917)

These are “virtual album pages” from the Dead Country collection of W. Michael Adkins. If interested in how they were made, go to the About This Site page. To link directly to the pdf file, click here.

Unless otherwise noted, numbers are from the Scott Catalogue.

8 Responses to ALBUM – Danish West Indies (1754 – 1917)

  1. C. Clements says:

    Note that “burelage” is misspelled everywhere it occurs; otherwise, very nice. An alternative word is burelĂ©, but burelage seems to be commonest in the U.S..

    • Michael says:

      C. Clements — Welcome to DCStamps. Also I appreciate you catching my error. I have fixed appropriately.

  2. Tony Gade says:

    Greetings from Denmark. I collect letters from the transfer period from 1.4 to 30 -1917. Both with usa stamps and DWI frimæker – can you / anyone help me.

  3. Dan Carlin says:

    We have a stamp: Dansk Vestindiske OER 10 Francs blue circle in middle with red frame. Do you know the catalog value or where we could find it?

    • Michael says:

      Hi Dan,
      Thank you for taking the time to visit DCStamps.
      First of all, without seeing the stamp it is difficult to identify. But I can say that it is not a postage stamp, as a 10 franc postage stamp was not issued. Therefore, it is probably a revenue stamp (used to pay taxes or for various government services). Honestly I don’t know very much about revenue stamps, but it was issued in 1905 or later, when currency changed from dollars & cents to bits & francs. The Barefoot Catalogue covers revenues, but beyond that, I can’t really help you.
      Sorry, and I wish you luck on your search.

    • Tony Gade says:

      H i – Can you send a scan of the stamps – I am not aware of the existence of a 10 F Best Tony

      • Michael says:

        Tony, My comment about a “10F was issued” was a typo. As you can see from the context, I meant to say “was NOT issued”.

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