ALBUM – Kavala / Cavalla, Greek Occupation – Balkan wars (1913)

These are “virtual album pages” from the Dead Country collection of W. Michael Adkins. If interested in how they were made, go to the About This Site page. To link directly to the pdf file, click here.

Unless otherwise noted, numbers are from the Scott Catalogue.

3 Responses to ALBUM – Kavala / Cavalla, Greek Occupation – Balkan wars (1913)

  1. Ali Eliou says:

    It’s very nice

  2. Charles Grim says:


    I just discovered your website. Impressive material. Thanks for the great work. I plan to “borrow” from it as I construct my own album.

    I am having trouble deciphering the date from the cancel of a stamp (N179 on piece similar to yours) that I’m in the midst of trying to acquire. That date stamp seems to read 7/29 – III – 13. I would ordinarily assume that the III stood for March, but that would be before the stamps were issued. July 29 would be another guess but dates in this part of the world are usually in day/month order rather than month/day. Can you provide any enlightenment?


    • Michael says:

      Hi Charles

      Thank you for visiting the site. You may borrow all you want to constructing your albums. I interested, I am giving a tutorial on how to make my virtual albums at Stamp Bears. You can find it at: Sign up and join the conversation.

      Regarding postmarks on these stamps, I would always take them with caution, as many of them are forged. Although you probably know this, your N179 is from Dedeagatch (Alexandroupolis) rather than Kavala. I have a couple from Dedeagtch and checked them, but none of the postmarks were readable. You might want to look more carefully at your postmark (e.g. take a high resolution scan), because your III should be a VII.

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