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Klaipėda (Memel), Lithuanian Occupation (1923 – 1925)

ALBUM – view my Lithuanian Occupation of Klaipėda album TRANSITION CHART for the Baltics Fast Facts Region: Baltics Group: Baltic Nations Classification: League of Nations Administration (France) Prior Regime: French Administration of Memel Key Dates:   1919, Jun – Treaty of … Continue reading

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Upper Silesia, League of Nations Plebiscite (1920 – 1922)

ALBUM – View my Upper Silesia album Region: Germany / Poland Area Group: League of Nations Plebiscite Areas Classification: Plebiscite Prior Regime: German Empire Key Dates:      1919, Jun 28 – Treaty of Versailles signed   1921, Mar 20 – Plebiscite … Continue reading

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Palestine, British Occupation (1918 – 1920)

ALBUM – View my British Occupation of Palestine album TRANSITION CHART for Jordan / Palestine Area Fast Facts Region: Middle East Group: Palestine/Jordan Area Classification: Military Occupation Prior Regime: Ottoman Empire Key Dates:  1916, Jun 5 – Great Arab revolt … Continue reading

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Dalmatia, Italian Occupation post ww1 (1918 – 1922)

ALBUM – View my Dalmatia, Italian Occupation album Fast Facts Region: Balkans Group:: Italian Occupations after WW1 Classification: Occupation (Italy) Prior Regime: Austro Hungarian Empire Key Dates:   1915, Apr 26 – Treaty of London agreed, Italy would join WW1 on … Continue reading

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