Dead Country List

which ceased to exist before 1960

This is my ever changing list of “Dead Countries”.  “Country” can be defined pretty broadly in this case and includes: nations, colonies, occupations, puppet states, semi-autonomous states, or revolutionary governments. A fuller description can be found on my Definitions page.

This list will probably never be complete and will continue to change as I learn new information on the history of the country and the era.  With a list exceeding 650 countries, I have organized the countries into geographic regions, and further subdivided them in logical historic or geographic significance.  I have no personal agenda driving the categories, so if anyone is bothered by my organization, I apologize in advance, and welcome positive suggestions for improvement.   In such a long list which is continuously being updated, I am not always consistent in terms or format.  I will correct the errors as they become apparent.

If you have comments, additions or questions, please leave in the comments below.


Canadian Provinces    (transition chart)
• Province of Lower Canada (banknotes only)
• Province of Upper Canada (banknotes only)
• Province of Canada
• British Colombia
• British Colombia and Vancouver Island
• New Brunswick (1784 – 1867) – album only
• Newfoundland (1548 – 1949) – album only
Nova Scotia (1713 – 1867)
• Prince Edward Island  (1769 – 1873)
• Vancouver Island

Hawaiian Islands    (transition chart)
Hawai’i, Kingdom  (1810 – 1893)
Hawaii, Provisional Government (1893 – 1894)
Hawaii, Republic (1894 – 1897)

United States of America Area
• Confederate States of America
• Republic of Texas (banknotes only)

Mexico Area
• Empire of Mexico, French Puppet Government
• Campeche, Mexican Revolution
• Chiapas, Mexican Revolution
• Chihuahua, Mexican Revolution
• Cuautla, Mexican Revolution
• Cuernavaca, Mexican Revolution
• Guadalajara, Mexican Revolution
• Merida, Mexican Revolution
• Tlacotalpan, Mexican Revolution
• Sinaloa, Mexican Revolution
• Yucatan, Mexican Revolution


British Colonies in the Caribbean
• St. Christopher
• Tobago
• Trinidad
• Turks Islands

• Cuba, Spanish Possession
• Cuba, US Occupation

Danish Colonies in the Caribbean
Danish West Indies  (1754 – 1917)

French Colonies in the Caribbean
• Guadeloupe
• Martinique

Puerto Rico
• Puerto Rico, Spanish Dominion
• Puerto Rico, U.S. Occupation


Argentine Provinces
• Buenos Aires, Argentine Province (1852 – 1861) – album only
• Cordoba, Argentine Province
• Corrientes, Argentine Province

Colombian States
• Antioquia, Colombian State
• Bolivar, Colombian State
• Boyaca, Colombian State
• Cundin Amarca, Colombian State
• Panama, Department of Colombia
• Santander, Colombian State
• Tolima, Colombian State

Chilean Occupation of Peru
• Ancachs, Chilean Occupation of Peru
• Apurimac, Chilean Occupation of Peru
Arequipa, Chilean Occupation of Peru (1881 – 1885)
• Ayacucho, Chilean Occupation of Peru
• Chachapoyas, Chilean Occupation of Peru
Chala, Chilean Occupation of Peru (1884)
Chiclayo, Chilean Occupation of Peru (1884)
Huacho, Chilean Occupation of Peru (1884)
• Cusco, Chilean Occupation of Peru
• Moquegua, Chilean Occupation of Peru
• Paita, Chilean Occupation of Peru
• Pasco, Chilean Occupation of Peru
Peru, Chilean Occupation (1881 – 1884)
• Pisco, Chilean Occupation of Peru
• Piura, Chilean Occupation of Peru
• Puno, Chilean Occupation of Peru
• Yca, Chilean Occupation of Peru

French Colonies in South America
• French Guiana
• Inini

Venezuelan Occupations/Revolutions
• Carupano, Occupation
• Guayana, Revolution


Azores Islands
• Angara, District of the Azores
• Horta, District of the Azores
• Ponta Delgada, district of the Azores

Madeira Islands
• Funchal


Swiss Cantons
• Basal, Swiss Canton
• Geneva, Swiss Canton
• Zurich, Swiss Canton

Spain, Carlist Revolution
• Andalusian Provinces, Spanish Provisional Government
• Asturias Province, Spanish Provisional Government
• Duke de la Torre Province, Spanish Provisional Government
• Madrid, Spanish Provisional Government
• Salamanca Province, Spanish Provisional Government
• Spain, Carlist Regime
• Spain, First Republic
• Teruel Province, Spanish Provisional Government
• Valladolid Province, Spanish Provisional Government

Spanish Civil War
• Barcelona, Spanish Revolution
• Burgos, Spanish Revolutionary Forces
• Caldiz, Spanish Revolutionary Forces
• Canary Islands, Spanish Revolutionary Forces
• Madrid, Spanish Revolution
• Malaga, Spanish Revolutionary Forces
• Orense, Spanish Revolutionary Forces
• San Sebastian, Spanish Revolutionary Forces
• Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spanish Revolutionary Forces
• Seville, Spanish Revolutionary Forces

Franco Prussian War Occupations in Western Europe
Alsace and Loraine, German Occupation – Franco Prussian War (1870 – 1872)

WW1 Occupations in Western Europe
Belgium, German Occupation – WW1  (1914 – 1918)
• France, German Occupation – WW1 (1915 – 1918) – album only
Eupen and Malmedy, Belgian Occupation – post WW1 (1919 – 1920)
Eupen, Belgian Occupation – post WW1 (1920 – 1925)
Malmedy, Belgian Occupation – post WW1 (1920 – 1925)

WW2 Occupations in Western Europe
Alsace, German Occupation – WW2 (1940 – 1944)
• France, Allied Military Occupation – WW2
• Guernsey, German Occupation – WW2
• Jersey, German Occupation – WW2
Lorraine, German Occupation – WW2 (1940 – 1944)
• Luxembourg, German Occupation – WW2


German States
Baden, Grand Duchy  (1806 – 1871)
• Bergedorf, German State
• Bremen, German State
• Brunswick, German State
• Hamburg, German State
• Hanover, German State
• Holstein, Prussian/Austrian Occupation
• Lebeck, German State
• Mecklenburg-Schwarin, German State
• Mecklenburg-Strelitz, Greman State
North German Confederation (1866 – 1871)
• Oldenburg, German State
• Prussia, German State
Saxony, Kingdom (1806 – 1871)
• Schleswig, Prussian/Austrian Occupation
• Schleswig-Holstein, Duchy of Denmark
• Thurn and Taxis – Northern District, German State
• Thurn and Taxis – Southern District, German State
• Wurttemberg, German State

Bavaria Area
• Bavaria, Kingdom (1806 – 1918) – album only
• Bavaria, Revolution and Socialist Republic (1918 – 1919) – album only
• Bavaria, Free State (1919 – 1920) – album only
• Bavaria, Weimer State (1920 – 1921) – album only

German Empire
• Germany, Empire (1871 – 1920) – album only

• Heligoland

Post WWI Occupations and Plebiscites in Germany
• Belgian Occupation of Germany – post WW1

Plebiscite Areas
Allenstein  (1920)
Marienwerder (1920)
Schleswig (1920)
Upper Silesia, plebiscite (1920 – 1922)
• Carinthia, Plebiscite

Danzig, Free State (1920 – 1939)
Polish Offices in Danzig Free State (1920 – 1939)
Danzig, German Occupation – WW2 (1939 – 1945)

• Saar League of Nations Administration
• Saar, French Administration
• Saar, French Protectorate
• Saar, German Administration

Post WW2 Occupation of Germany
• Baden, French Occupation – post WW2
Berlin-Brandenburg, Russian Occupation – post WW2  (1945-1949)
• East Saxony, Russian Occupation – post WW2
• Germany, AMG Occupation – post WW2 (1945 – 1946) – album only
• Germany, French Occupation – post WW2
• Germany, Russian Occupation – post WW2
• Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Russian Occupation – post WW2
• Rhine-Palatinate, French Occupation – post WW2
• Saxony Province, Russian Occupation – post WW2
• Thuringia, Russian Occupation – post WW2
• West Saxony, Russian Occupation – post WW2
• Wurttemberg, French Occupation – post WW2

• Poland, Russian Domination
Poland, German Occupation – WW1 (1914 – 1918)
• Poland, German Occupation – WW2
• Poland, Government in Exile – WW2


Italian States (transition chart)
• Modena, Italian State
• Neapolitan Provinces, Italian State
• Parma, Italian State
• Romagna, Italian State
• Roman States, Italian State
• Sardina, Kingdom (1720 – 1861) – album only
• Sicily, Italian State
Tuscany, Grand Duchy  (1569 – 1860)
• Two Sicilies, Italian State

Italy (transition chart)
• Kingdom of Italy
Italian Social Republic (1943 – 1945)

WW1 Occupations of Italy (transition chart)
• Fiume (1919 – 1924) – album only
• Italy, Austrian Occupation – WW1
• Merano, Italian Occupation – WW1
• Trento and Trieste, Italian Occupation – post WW1 (1919) – album only
• Trintino-Alto Adige, Italian Occupation – WW1
• Venezia Giulia, Italian Occupation – WW1

Post WW2 Occupations of Italy (transition chart)
Naples, AMG Occupation of Italy – ww2 (1943 – 1944)
Sicily, AMG Occupation – WW2 (1943 – 1944)
• Trieste, AMG Occupation – WW2
• Trieste, Yugoslav Occupation – WW2
• Venezia Giulia, AMG Occupations – WW2


Estonia Area   (transition chart)
• Estonia, Republic (pre USSR)
• Estonia, German Occupation – WW1
• Estonia, German Occupation – WW2

Latvia Area   (transition chart)
• Wenden (Livonia)
• Latvia, Republic (pre USSR)
• Latvia, German Occupation – WW1
• Latvia, West Russian Army Occupation, Gen. Bermont-Avalov
• Latvia, Soviet Occupation – WW2
• Latvia, German Occupation – WW2
• Courland (Kurland), German Occupation – WW2

Lithuania Area   (transition chart)
• Lithuania, Republic (pre USSR)
• South Lithuania/Grodno District, Russian Occupation – WW1
Central Lithuania (1920- 1922)
Memel, French Administration (1920 – 1923)
Klaipeda (Memel), Lithuanian Occupation (1923 – 1925)
• Lithuania, German Occupation – WW2

Cross Baltic Occupations   (transition chart)
• Baltic Area (Ob Ost), German Occupation – WW1 (1916 – 1917) – album only
• Baltic Area (Ostland), German Occupation – WW2


Austro Hungarian Empire
• Austrian Empire
• Austro Hungarian Empire – Austria
• Austro Hungarian Empire – Hungary
• Austro Hungarian Empire, Military Occupations
• Lombardy-Venetia

Early Romania
• Moldavia
• Moldavia-Wallachia

WW1 Occupations in Central and Eastern Europe
• Arad, French Occupation – WW1
• Banat, Serbian Occupation – WW1
• Baranya, Serbian Occupation – WW1
• Debrecen, Romanian Occupation – WW1
• Dobruja District, Bulgarian Occupation – WW1
• Eastern Silesia, Plebiscite (1919 – 1920) – album only
• Hungary, Revolutionary Group at Szeged
Romania, Austrian Occupation – WW1 (1916 – 1917)
• Romania, German Occupation – WW1
• Temesvár, Romanian Occupation – WW1
Temesvár, Serbian Occupation – post WW1  (1918 – 1919)
• Transylvania, Romanian Occupation – WW1

WW2 German Occupations and Puppet States in Central and Eastern Europe
• Austria, Allied Military Occupation – post WW2 (1945 – 1955) – album only
• Austria, Allied Military Occupation – WW2
• Bohemia & Moravia
• Slovakia, German Puppet


• Bulgaria, Principality of the Ottoman Empire
• Eastern Rumelia
• South Bulgaria
• Bulgaria, Kingdom
• Bulgaria, Communist Revolution

Bosnia & Herzegovina
Bosnia & Herzegovina, Austro Hungarian Occupation (1878 – 1908)
• Bosnia & Herzegovina, Province of Austro Hungarian Empire (1908 – 1918) – album only
• Bosnia & Herzegovina, Yugoslav State

Dalmatia, Italian Occupation post WW1 (1918 – 1922)
• Croatia-Slavonia, Yugoslav State
• Croatia, German Puppet – WW2
• Istria and Slovine Coast (Zone B), Allied Occupation – WW2

Montenegro, Principality / Kingdom (1878 – 1916)
• Montenegro, Austro Hungarian Occupation – WW1
• Montenegro, Yugoslav State
• Montenegro, Italian Occupation – WW2
• Montenegro, German Occupation – WW2

• Serbia, Province of the Ottoman Empire
• Serbia, Kingdom
• Serbia, Austro Hungarian Occupation – WW1 album only
• Serbia, Yugoslav State
• Serbia, German Occupation – WW2

• Slovenia, Yugoslov State
• Ljubljana, Italian Occupation – WW2
• Ljubljana, German Occupation – WW2


Albania Area
• Albania, Italian Offices in the Ottoman Empire
• Durazzo, Italian Offices in the Ottoman Empire
• Scutari, Italian Offices in the Ottoman Empire (1909 – 1916) – album only
• Valona, Italian Offices in the Ottoman Empire
• Valore Government
• Central Albania
• Albania, Principality
• Saseno, Italian Occupation – WW2 (1914 – 1947) – album only
• Albania, Italian Occupation – WW2
• Albania, German Occupation – WW2

Epirus Area
• Janina, Italian Offices in the Ottoman Empire (1902 – 1914) – album only
Epirus, Autonomous Republic  (1914)
• Korce
North Epirus, Greek Occupation – WW1 (1914 – 1916)
North Epirus, Greek Occupation – WW2 (1940 – 1941)

Greece Area
• Cavalla, French Offices in the Ottoman Empire
Kavala / Cavalla, Greek Occupation – Balkan wars (1913)
• Mt. Athos, Russian Offices in the Ottoman Empire
• Salonika, Italian Offices in the Ottoman Empire (1908 – 1914) – album only
• Salonkia, Russian Offices in the Ottoman Empire
Thessaly, Ottoman Occupation  (1897 – 1898)
• Greece, Venizelist Revolutionary Government
• Greece, Axis Occupation – WW2

• Dedeagatch, French Offices in the Ottoman Empire
• Dedeagatch, Greek Occupation – Balkans War
• Giumulzina, Greek Occupation – Balkans War
Western Thrace, Provisional Government (1913)
Western Thrace, Allied Occupation – WW1 (1919 – 1920)
Thrace, Greek Occupation – post WW1 (1920 – 1922)


Crete    (transition chart)
Crete, Autonomous Government (1898 – 1913)
• Crete, Austrian Offices (1903 – 1914) – album only
Crete, British Occupation  (1898 – 1909)
Crete, French Occupation (1898 – 1909)
Crete, Italian Occupation (1898 – 1909)
Crete, Russian Occupation (1898 – 1909)
Crete, Theriso Revolution (1905)

Ionian Islands   (transition chart)
Cephalonia and Ithaca, Italian Occupation – WW2 (1941)
Corfu, Italian Occupation (1923)
• Corfu and Paxos, Italian Occupation
Ionian Islands, British Protectorate  (1810 – 1864)
Ionian Islands, Italian Occupation – WW2 (1941 – 1943)
• Zakynthos (Zante), Italian Occupation in WW2
Zakynthos (Zante), German Occupation in WW2 (1943 – 1944)

Dodecanese Islands
Dodecanese Islands, Italian Occupation (1912 – 1923)
• Dodecanese Islands, Italian Colony
• Dodecanese islands, Greek Occupation
Castellorizo, Italian Occupation (1921 – 1943)
• Castellorizo, French Occupation
• Rhodes, Italian Colony

North Aegean Islands
• Chios, Greek Occupation
• Icaria, Greek Occupation
Lemnos, Greek Occupation (1912 – 1923)
• Mytilene, Russian Offices in the Ottoman Empire
• Mytilene (Lesbos), Greek Occupation
• Port Lagos (Samos), French Offices in the Ottoman Empire
• Samos (Vathy), French Offices in the Ottoman Empire
• Samos, Greek Occupation


Russian Empire and pre-Soviet Russia   (transition chart)

• Russia, Empire
• Russia, Provisional Government
• Russian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic

North and West Russia   album only
Russian Army of the Northwest, Gen. Yudenich (1919)

Ukraine and South Russia   (transition chart)
Crimea, German Occupation (1918)
Crimean Border Government (1918 – 1919)
Crimea, White Army Control (1919 – 1920)
• Don Republic / Don Cossack Government (1918 – 1920) – album only
Kuban Cossack Government (1918 – 1920)
• Russian Armed Forces of the South, Gen. Denikin (1919 – 1920) – album only
• Ukraine, pre USSR
• Ukraine, German Occupation – WW2
• Western Ukraine
• Western Ukraine, Romanian Occupation
Wrangle’s Army (1920 – 1921)

Transcaucasia   (transition chart)
Armenia, Republic pre USSR (1918 – 1920)
• Armenia, Soviet Socialist Republic
• Azerbaijan, Allied Occupation
Azerbaijan, Republic pre USSR (1918 – 1920)
• Azerbaijan, Soviet Socialist Republic
• Baku Province
• Batum, British Occupation
Georgia, Republic pre USSR (1918 – 1921)
• Georgia, Soviet Socialist Republic
• Transcaucasian Republic (banknotes only)
Transcaucasian Socialist Federative Soviet Republic (1922 – 1936)

Russian Central Asia and Mongolia   (transition chart)
• Bukharan People’s Soviet Republic
• Khorezm People’s Soviet Republic
• Tannu Tuva

Siberia and Russian Far East   (transition chart)
Far Eastern Republic (1920 – 1922)
Priamur Provisional Government, Merkulov (1921 – 1922)
Priamur Rural Province, Gen Diterikhs (1922)
Provisional Government in Siberia, Adm Kolchak (1918 – 1919)
• Trans-Biakal Region under Gen. Semyonov (1920) – album only

Finnish Area   (transition chart)
• Finland, Grand Duchy of Russia
Aunus, Finnish Occupation (1919)
East Karelia, Finnish Military Authority (1941 – 1944)
• Karelia
North Ingria (1920)


Ottoman Empire
• Ottoman Empire
• Anatolia
• Ottoman Empire, Greek Occupations – Balkan/Greco-Turkish wars (1912 – 1923) – album only

Post Ottoman Turkey
• Sanjak of Alexandretta, French Mandate
Cilicia, French Occupation (1918 – 1921)
Hatay State (1938 – 1939)

Offices in the Ottoman Empire
• Austrian Offices in the Ottoman Empire
• British Offices in the Ottoman Empire
• French Offices in the Ottoman Empire
• German Offices in the Ottoman Empire
• Italian Offices in the Ottoman Empire
• Italian Offices in Constantinople (1909 – 1923) – album only
• Italian Offices in Smyrna (1908 – 1923) – album only
• Polish Offices in the Ottoman Empire (1919 – 1922) – album only
• Romanian Offices in the Ottoman Empire
• Romanian Offices in Constantinople
• Russian Offices in the Ottoman Empire
• Russian Offices in Constantinople
• Russian Offices in the Dardanelles (1774 – 1914) – album only
• Russian Offices in Kerassunde, Empire (1774 – 1914) – album only
• Russian Offices in Rizeh  (1774 – 1914)
• Russian Offices in Smyrna (1774 – 1914) – album only
• Russian Offices in Trabzon (1774 – 1914) – album only


Arabian Peninsula (transition chart)
• Hejaz, Kingdom  (1916 – 1925)
• Hejaz, Nejdi Occupation
• Hejaz-Nejd

Jordan/Palestine Area (transition chart)
• Jerusalem, Italian Offices in the Ottoman Empire (1908 – 1914) – album only
• Jerusalem, Russian Offices in the Ottoman Empire
• Jaffa, Russian Offices in the Ottoman Empire
Palestine, British Military Occupation (1918 – 1920)
• Palestine, British Mandate (1920 – 1948) – album only
• Palestine (West Bank), Jordanian Occupation
• Palestine (Gaza), Egyptian Occupation
• Transjordan, British Occupation
• Transjordan, British Mandate

Syria / Lebanon Area (transition chart)
• Beirut (Beyrouth), French Offices in the Ottoman Empire
• Beirut (Beyrouth), Russian Offices in the Ottoman Empire
Alaouites (Alawite State), French Mandate  (1924 – 1930)
• The Arabian Government
• Greater Lebanon, French Mandate
Latakia, French Mandate (1930 – 1936)
• Rouad, Ile, French Occupation  (1916 – 1920)
• Syria and Lebanon, French Occupation
• Syria and Lebanon, French Mandate
• Syria, French Mandate
• Syrian Autonomous Republic
• Syria, Free French Administration

Iran / Iraq Area
• Mesopotamia, British Occupation
• Bushire, British Occupation


Egypt Area
• Egypt, Ottoman Suzerainty
• Egypt, British Protectorate
• Alexandra, French Offices in Egypt
• Port Said, French Offices in the Ottoman Empire

Libya Area    (transition chart)
• Bengasi, Italian Offices in Africa
Cyrenaica, Italian Colony (1919 – 1934)
Cyrenaica, Emirate (1949 – 1951)
Fezzan, French Occupation (1949 – 1951)
Fezzan-Ghandames, French Occupation (1943 – 1949)
Ghadames, French Occupation (1949 – 1951)
• Libya, Italian Colony
• Tripoli, Italian Offices in Africa
Tripolitania, Italian Colony (1922 – 1934)
• Tripolitania and Cyrenaica, British Occupation

Tunisia Area
• Tunisia, French Colony

Morocco Area
• Morocco, French Offices
• French Morocco
• Morocco, Spanish Offices
• Spanish Morocco
• Tangier, British Offices
• Tangier, French Offices
• Tangier, Spanish Offices
• Tetuan

Spanish Sahara
• La Aguera
• Cape Juby
• Rio de Oro
• Spanish West Africa


British West Africa    (transition chart)
• Gold Coast
• Lagos, British Colony (1862 – 1906) – album only
Niger Coast Protectorate (1893 – 1900)
Northern Nigeria (1900 – 1914)
Oil Rivers Protectorate (1885 – 1893)
Southern Nigeria Protectorate (1900 – 1914)

French West Africa
• Benin, French Possession
• Chad, French Colony
• French Guinea
• French Sudan
• French West Africa
• Gabon, French Colony
• Niger, French Colony
• Senegal, French Colony
• Senegambia and Niger

• Upper Senegal and Niger
• Upper Volta, French Colony

German West Africa
• Togo, German Protectorate
• Togo, British Occupation
• Togo, French Occupation

Spanish West Africa
• Elobey, Annobon and Corisco


• Congo, Independent State

French Central Africa
• French Congo
• Middle Congo
• Ubangi-Shari-Chad (1910 – 1920) – album only
• Ubangi-Shari (1920 – 1934) – album only

German Central Africa
• Kamerun, German Protectorate
• Camerun, British Occupation (1915 – 1920) – album only
• Cameroun, French Occupation

Portuguese Central Africa
• Portuguese Congo


British East Africa
• British East Africa
• East Africa and Uganda Protectorates
• Kenya and Uganda

French East Africa
Obock, French Colony (1884-1896)
• Zanzibar, French Offices

German East Africa
German East Africa (1885 – 1919)
• German East Africa, Belgian Occupation
• German East Africa, British Occupation

Italian East Africa
• Eritrea, Italian Colony
• Eritrea, British Occupation
Ethiopia, Italian Occupation (1935 – 1936)
• Italian East Africa
• Italian Somaliland
Oltre Giuba (Trans-Juba), Italian Colony (1924-25)
• Somalia, British Occupation

Madagascar Area
Sultanate of Anjouan (1886 – 1912)
• Diego Suarez
• Grand Comoro
• Madagascar, British Consular Offices
• Madagascar, French Offices
• Madagascar, French Colony
• Moheli
• Nossi-Be
• Ste. Marie de Madagascar


British South Africa Area    (transition chart)
• British Bechuanaland
Cape of Good Hope (Cape Colony) (1815 – 1910)
• Griqualand West, British Colony
• Natal, British Colony (1843 – 1910) – album only
Orange River Colony (1902 – 1910)
• Transvaal, British Colony
Zululand, British Colony (1887 – 1897)

Boer Republics       (transition chart)
• New Republic
Orange Free State (1854 – 1902)
Orange Free State, British Occupation (1900 – 1902)
• South Africa Republic (ZAR)
• South Africa Republic, British Occupation
• Stellaland
• Transvaal, British Occupation
• Vyborg, Boer Occupation
• Vyborg, British Occupation

Rhodesia Area    (transition chart)
• British Central Africa
• British South Africa Company

Mozambique Area   (transition chart)
• Inhambane, Portuguese Colonial Province
Kionga Triangle, Portuguese Occupation – WW1 (1916 – 1919)
• Lourenco Marques, Portuguese Colonial Province
Mozambique Company (1891 – 1942)
Nyassa Company  (1891 – 1929)
Quelimane, Portuguese Colonial Province (1913 – 1920)
Tete, Portuguese Colonial Province (1913 – 1920)
Zambezia, Portuguese Colonial Province (1894 – 1920)

German Colonies in Southern Africa
• German South West Africa


British India
• Ceylon, British Colony
• East India Company
• India, British Colony

India Feudatory States
Alwar, Indian Feudatory State   (1803 – 1948)
• Bamra, Indian Feudatory State
• Barwani, Indian Feudatory State
• Bhopal, Indian Feudatory State
• Bhor, Indian Feudatory State
• Bijawar, Indian Feudatory State
• Bundi, Indian Feudatory State
• Bussahir, Indian Feudatory State
• Chakhari, Indian Feudatory State
• Cochin, Indian Feudatory State (1835 – 1949) – album only
• Dhar, Indian Feudatory State
• Dungarpur, Indian Feudatory State
• Duttia, Indian Feudatory State
• Faridkot, Indian Feudatory State (1763 – 1886) – album only
• Hyderabad, Indian Feudatory State  (1798 – 1948)
• Idar, Indian Feudatory State
• Indore, Indian Feudatory State
• Jaipur, Indian Feudatory State (1818 – 1949) – album only
• Jammu, Indian Feudatory State
• Jammu and Kashmir, Indian Feudatory State
• Jasdan, Indian Feudatory State
• Jhalawar, Indian Feudatory State (1838 – 1949) – album only
• Jind, Indian Feudatory State
• Kishangarh, Indian Feudatory State
• Kashmir, Indian Feudatory State
• Kotah, Indian Feudatory State
• Las Bela, Indian Feudatory State
• Morvi, Indian Feudatory State
• Nandgaon, Indian Feudatory State
• Nowanuggur, Indian Feudatory State
• Orchha, Indian Feudatory State
• Poonch, Indian Feudatory State
• Rajasthan, Indian Feudatory State
• Rajpeepla, Indian Feudatory State
• Saurastra, Indian Feudatory State
Sirmoor, Princely State of India (1815 – 1948)
• Soruth (Saurashtra), Indian Feudatory State
• Tonk, Indian Feudatory State
• Travancore, Indian Feudatory State
• Travancore-Cochin, Indian Feudatory State
• Wadhwan, Indian Feudatory State (1740 – 1947) – album only

India Convention States
• Chamba, Indian Convention State
• Faridkot, Indian Convention State
• Gwalior, Indian Convention State (1787 – 1947) – album only
• Jind, Indian Convention State
• Nabha, Indian Convention State
• Patiala, Indian Convention State

Bahawalpur, Princely State of India (1833 – 1947)
Bahawalpur, Princely State of Pakistan (1947 – 1955)

French India
• French India


• China, Empire
• China, Republic

China Treaty Ports
• Amoy, China Treaty Port
• Chefoo, China Treaty Port
• Chinkiang, China Treaty Port
• Chungking, China Treaty Port
• Foochow, China Treaty Port (1895 – 1896) – album only
• Hankow, China Treaty Port
• Ichang, China Treaty Port
• Kewkiang, China Treaty Port
• Nanking, China Treaty Port
• Shanghai, China Treaty Port
• Wei Hai Wei, China Treaty Port
• Wuhu, China Treaty Port

French Offices in China
• Canton, French Offices in Imperial China
• China, French Offices in Imperial China
• Hoi Hao, French Offices in Imperial China
• Kwangchowan, French Offices in Imperial China
• Mongtseu, French Offices in Imperial China
• Pak Hoi, French Offices in Imperial China
• Tchongking (Chungking) , French Offices in Imperial China
• Yunnan Fou, French Offices in Imperial China

German Colonies and Offices in China
• China, German Offices in Imperial China
• Foochow, German Offices in Imperial China
Kiautschau, German Colony (1897 – 1914)
• Tientsin, German Offices in Imperial China

Japanese Offices in China
• China, Japanese Offices in Imperial China
• China, Japanese Offices in Taiwan

Russian Offices in China
• China, Russian Offices in Imperial China (1886 – 1920) – album only

Japanese Occupations and Puppets in China
• Hong Kong, Japanese Occupation
• Kwangtung, Japanese Occupation (1905 – 1945) – album only
Manchukuo (1932 – 1945)
Mengjiang (Inner Mongolia), Japanese Occupation (1939 – 1945)
• North China, Japanese Occupation (1937 – 1945)
    • North China – Honan, Japanese Occupation (1941 – 1942) – album only
    • North China – Hopei, Japanese Occupation (1941 – 1942) – album only
    • Shinsi, Japanese Occupation of North China (1941 – 1942) – album only
    • Shintung, Japanese Occupation of North China (1941 – 1942) – album only
    • North China – Supeh, Japanese Occupation
• Shanghai and Nanking, Japanese Occupation (1942 – 1945) – album only
• Taiwan, Japanese Occupation

Chinese Revolution
• Central China, Communist
• East China, Communist
• Fukien, Nationalist
• Hunan, Nationalist
• Hupeh, Nationalist
• Kansu, Nationalist
• Kiangsi, Nationalist
• Kwangsi, Nationalist
• North China, Communist
• Northeast China, Communist
• Northwest China, Communist
• Port Arthur and Dairen, Communist
• Shensi, Nationalist
• Szechwan, Nationalist
• South China, Communist
• Southwest China, Communist
• Tsingtau, Nationalist

• Tibet
• Tibet, Chinese Offices


South East Asia
Annam and Tonkin, French Colony  (1883 – 1887)
• Bangkok
• Burma, British Colony
• Burma Independence Army, Japanese Occupation
• Burma, Japanese Occupation
Cochin China (1864 – 1887)
• French Indochina

Malay Area
• Brunei, Japanese Occupation
Labuan, British Colony (1848 – 1906)
• Malaya, Thai Occupation
• Malaya, Japanese Occupation
• Malaya – Johore, Japanese Occupation
• Malaya – Kedah, Japanese Occupation
• Malaya – Kelantan, Japanese Occupation
• Malaya – Kelatan, Thai Occupation
• Malaya – Malacca, Japanese Occupation
• Malaya – Negri Sembilan, Japanese Occupation
• Malaya – Pahang, Japanese Occupation
• Malaya – Panang, Japanese Occupation
• Malaya – Perak, Japanese Occupation
• Malaya – Selangor, Japanese Occupation
• North Borneo, Japanese Occupation
• Sarawak, Japanese Occupation
Straits Settlements  (1867 – 1946)
• Straits Settlements, Japanese Occupation
• Sungei Ujong

Netherlands Indies / Indonesia Area
• Netherlands Indies / Dutch East Indies (1801 – 1948) – album only
Java, Japanese Occupation (1942 – 1945)
Sumatra, Japanese Occupation (1942 – 1945)
• Borneo and the Great East, Japanese Occupation (1942 – 1945) – album only
• Netherlands Indies, Nationalist Revolution
• Dutch Indonesia

Korea Area
• Korea, Japanese Puppet Government
Korea, Japanese Offices (1876 – 1905)
• Korea, U.S. Occupation
• Korea, Soviet Occupation

Philippines Area
• Philippines, Spanish Dominion
• Philippines, US Administration
• Philippines, US Commonwealth
Philippines, Japanese Occupation in WW2 (1942 – 1945)
• Filipino Revolutionary Government

Japan Area
• Japan, Empire
• Japan, Australian Occupation


Australian States
• New South Wales, Australian State
• Queensland, Australian State
• South Australia, Australian State
• Tasmania, Australian State
• Victoria, Australian State
• Western Australia, Australian State (1832 – 1901) – album only

Australian Colonies / Occupations
• New Britain, Australian Occupation
• New Guinea, Australian Occupation
• Northwest Pacific Islands, Australian Occupation
• Papua, Australian Administration (1906 – 1949) – album only

British Colonies in the Pacific
British New Guinea (1884 – 1906)

French Colonies in the South Pacific
• Tahiti

German Colonies in the Pacific
• Caroline Islands
German New Guinea  (1884 – 1914)
• Mariana Islands, German Possession
• Marshall Island, German Dominion

Spanish Colonies in the Pacific
• Mariana Islands, Spanish Possession

U.S. Possessions in the Pacific
• Guam

• Samoa, Kingdom
• Samoa, German Dominion
• Samoa, Japanese Occupation
• Samoa, British Occupation

44 Responses to Dead Country List

  1. Kris Haggblom says:

    Hi Michael –
    It was nice to meet you at TCPC on Wednesday. Wonderful website.
    I notice that you do not list the 2nd Mexican Empire as a dead country. I believe it fits your definition. And it does provide a very interesting collecting area. If you would like a sample, I can bring something to next month’s TCPC meeting.
    Regards –

    • Michael says:

      Hi Kris
      Thanks for visiting DCStamps. We will have to get together some time and talk / share stamps. Maybe we can arrange some trades, if it works out for both of us.
      I took a quick look at the history, and I agree with you, the “second” Mexican Empire indeed is a dead country, and I would probably label it under a Puppet regime under the French. I will add it to the the list.
      Thanks again and see you at the next TPCP meeting. (feel free to bring the stamps, I am happy to take a look)

  2. Frank Correl says:

    Would you consider Campione d’Italia a Dead Country? Campione is a small Italian enclave on the east coast of Lake Lugano. After the Italian surrender in World War II, the rescue of Mussolini and establishment of the fascist Italian Social Republic, Campione remained loyal to the King and since it could only be reached through neutral Swiss territory the Italian fascists and the Germans could not get to it. Stamps in Swiss currency were issued in 1944 for use for mail within the town and to Switzerland only; onward mail had to be franked with Swiss stamps also. Interestingly enough, the stamps were valid for such postage until 31 May 1952. Today, it contains some of the most expensive real estate in Europe due to favorable tax laws.

    • Michael says:

      Hi Frank
      To start with, I like to define a dead country historically, not philatelically. Since I, at least try to cover banknotes here, I can’t define a country by its postal service.
      I often say – Not all countries issued stamps, and not all stamp issuing entities are countries.
      I just released my second issue of the “Investigator“, where I discuss the question “what is a country?”

      Regarding Campion d’Italia, an interesting question, but I am not sure I would call it a “country” in the first place. Many regions of Europe issued local postal stamps, or even currency( such as notgeld) during times of crisis, while never attempting to become a separate country. I would put Campion d’Italia into this category, primarily because they were “holding down the fort” for the return of the Kingdom.

      Just my opinion.

  3. Surendran says:

    Thanks for your good list of dead country, I am from India and collect stamps,after visit your site. I am interested dead country, now I am w

  4. J. Hugh Sullivan says:

    I’m trying to compose a list of all entities that have issued stamps – I already have stamps from more than 500 of them. The problem is the variety of lists – Smithsonoan, Linns, Wiki, et al. There is no common denominator.

    You have most entries identified VERY well. Am I the only one who would like to see the list in Alpha order? Albums are arranged that way (at least my Scott Album for 1941 is). When I was 65 I could have memorized the geography quickly. I can still do it but the recall at age 89 has slowed considerably.

    Of course, once I identify the states, colonies and offices as well as you have I can sort them myself, presuming my ability to continue using a computer.

    Your efforts are appreciated – I used to be that good. Thanks.

    J. Hugh Sullivan

    • Michael says:

      Hi Hugh, welcome to DCStamps.
      As you can attest, finding a total list of stamp issuing entities can be a big task. The problem with the various lists, is that each of them use different definitions of a Stamp Issuing Entity (I have my own as well as you can read in the site). Some lists include local issues, some do not. Some include stamps issued by companies or non-governmental entities (such as Thurn and Taxis or Russian Steamship Company), others do not. Some like me, define changes in a colony or an occupation by a foreign force as a different country, others do not. Definition is everything

      Secondly, I certainly understand your interest in an alphabetical list, but my site is designed from a historic/geographic standpoint, rather philatelic. To me it is important to help people to understand the historical context that a dead country fits into, rather than just a list.
      Also, albums and catalogs are not purely alphabetical either. They are designed philatelicly. For instance German States or Indian States are not listed individually throughout the album (you don’t normally find Alwar next to Allenstein), rather they are listed under the modern country.
      I hope this helps you to understand why I chose the method I did


    • PennyRB says:

      Hi Hugh,

      I’m also “a stamp from everywhere” collector. In addition to this site, I’ve also found these two extremely helpful:


  5. Dakotah says:

    You forgot Prussia. A Germanic country that fell after WWII, taken down by the Allied Forces because the country was deemed, ‘too powerful’ when it came to weapons. No joke.

    • Michael says:

      Hi Dakotah, welcome to DCStamps. Actually you can find the Kingdom of Prussia listed under German states. I became the part of the German Empire at it’s formation in 1871. The Empire was actually defeated in World War I, and was essentially dismantled with the treaty of Versailles in 1919.

  6. Eric Welch says:

    Wonderful site, although I think I preferred the undivided country list rather than the new one.

    • Michael says:

      Hi Erik, welcome to DCStamps.
      Thank you for your input, I went back and forth as to whether to have the accordion style format. As the list is quite long, I was trying to find easier ways to navigate the it. I would love to hear from others as well whether the find the new divided format more of a hinder than a help.
      Thanks again

  7. Marjie Mitchell says:

    I found a Scott International stamp album printed in 1899 at a thrift store and paid $2.00 for it intending to cut out and frame the maps. After leafing through the book I couldn’t destroy it and instead started looking for stamps from each country. As you can imagine I discovered many dead countries and your site is so helpful. Many thanks

    • Michael says:

      Hi Marjie, welcome to DCStamps.
      Great find. Actually there are folks that collect these old albums. Might search the album and find out more about your discovery.

  8. Joji George says:

    Wonderful site. Learning a lot by reading your site especially the confusing WW1 and WW2 Europe and occupation issues. Waiting for your updates on the Indian area.

    • Michael says:

      Hi Joji
      Welcome to DCStamps. Glad you like the site, I try and add a new article per month. I am currently working in the Balkans region, but I often jump around depending on my mood. We visited Jaipur and Rajasthan a couple of months ago, and I might include something from there. Always welcome your comments

  9. Tony Finch says:

    I cannot see any mention of Biafra which seceded from Nigeria in 1967 and was finally overrrun and rejoined Nigeria in 1970. There were three aluminium coins issued – 3 pence, 1 shilling and 2 shillings & 6 pence. Banknotes of 5/- (5 shillings) and 1 pound were first issued, followed by 10/-, 5 pounds and 10 pounds. Several stamps were also issued and these are listed in most catalogues.

    • Michael says:

      Hi Tony
      Thanks for visiting DCStamps. You are correct Biafra is considered a “Dead Country” I do not include it on my list primarily because I limit my list to those countries which ceased to exit by the end of 1955. I primarily do this because it covers the countries that I collect. However, you can find the Republic of Biafra on the British Nigeria Transition Chart, which can be found HERE.

  10. Philippe from Bievres says:

    Hi !

    Congratulation for your great site !
    I am just diving into the fascinating world of DCS and i wanted to mention one topic of interest regarding stamps emitted by Thule (in Greenland) for a very limited period of time ( from August 10th 1935 to July 31st 1937)
    It’s a small group of 5 stamps which are readily available, from 1935/36
    I don’t know if Thule can be considered as a Dead Country, but anyways i will take it in my new collection
    Just wanted to give the information here
    All the Best
    Philippe (from France)

  11. Roberto D. Tan says:

    I have been reading and very satisfied with your blog, about Dead Countries stamps. I am a world stamp collector, and in the process of exchanging from other collectors here in my country, and from purchasing from dealers here and abroad. I could not say no to other older issues mix with my purchased
    stamps. I realized that these stamps are from the Dead Countries, that is why I began to research in the internet and found your blog very interesting and educational. Can you recommend to me some stamp dealers, who could sell Dead Countries in a bargain price? I ask you this because I am in particular about pricing, and I live here in the Philippines, that the exchange rate is very high. I hope you could help me.
    Please send your messages to my email address—— I also like to exchange stamps with fellow collectors with my new mint Philippine stamps with the Dead Countries stamps in a 1:1 ratio. This is Roberto Tan from Manila, Philippines.

  12. Bobbie says:

    Wow, this is just an amazing site. I originally found it because I inherited a few DC stamps from an uncle who passed away years ago. But then I saw your transition charts and the excellent histories, and knew I had to spend much more time here to learn some history. You do an outstanding job in briefly summarizing histories of various areas around the globe. Thank you so much.

    • Michael says:

      Hi Bobbie
      Thank you for visiting DCStamps and for your kind words. Enjoy looking through your uncles stamps, there is lots of very interesting history in these little pieces of paper. I hope you catch the Stamp Collecting bug, and Dead countries is a very interesting area to collect.

  13. Jim Jackson says:


    I wish you would begin covering the French West Africa dead countries, because they are confusing to me. 😉 An overall transition map would be helpful, as well as better specific territorial maps. I’m struggling with “Senegambia & Niger” at the moment.

    Hope all is well with you. Glad to see you are publishing again.


    • Michael says:

      Hi Jim
      I think that is a great suggestion. Let me put it together over the next week, and I will let you know when it is done. Although I am publishing again, since it is summer it is a little slower.

  14. Riasat Tufail says:

    In dead countries list you also have to include Las Bela and Scinde (Scinde Dawk) under States of Pakistan. Las Bela was incorporated into Baluchistan Province of Pakistan and Scinde exists as Sind Province of Pakistan. I liked your site and going through it was a wonderful and refreshing experience. I collect worldwide postage stamps from 1840 to 1900, mint, used and on cover. The free country stamp albums you provide are a wonderful service to Philately. Have a nice day!

    • Michael says:

      Hello Riasat, thank you for visiting DCStamps and for your kind words. I appreciate your comments and your insight. The reason I include Las Bela as an India state is because at the time they issued stamps, (1897 – 1907) they were part of British India, well before the formation of Pakistan.
      Kind Regards

  15. Scott Simon says:

    Based on the criteria “Overthrow of a absolute monarchy style government (not merely a dynasty)” you should also include Kingdom of Serbia and Kingdom of Montenegro. Although they were not actually overthrown, they were merged (with other states) in the formation of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, which also meets the criteria “Annexation of a country into a larger country”

    • Michael says:

      Welcome to DCStamps. You are absolutely right, not sure how I missed them. Will of course add them to the list. Thank you for your insight.

  16. Gerben van Gelder says:


    Thanks for your response. I built the list with the Michel catalog as my primary source and consider the list to be a reference list. I agree that stamp catalogs are not always historically accurate. Further research per country will definitely lead to changes. And I would be happy to receive any comments as I am continuously looking to improve the list.

    Stanley & Gibbons is on the to do list. I will keep you posted of any changes that come out of that next step.

  17. Gerben van Gelder says:

    Hi Micheal

    Great site you have. I love the way you are doing research and share it with fellow collectors.

    I recently compiled a list of stamp issuing entities based on what I could find as such in the Michel, Scott and Yvert & Tellier catalogs. Apart from other contextual info the core of the list is a list of 1) major entities or countries as the Michel catalog has them, 2) minor entities which are countries broken down to departments, cities, companies etc that have ever issued stamps and finally 3) stamp issuing entities which are minor entities broken down to different forms of government.

    The statistics of my current list are: major entities 412, minor entities 1875 and stamp issuing entities 2604.

    The list contains all stamp issuing entities, not just the historical ones but here’s a link so you can download the list and if you like it play around with it and tune it to your needs.


    • Michael says:

      Gerben – Wow, it looks like you put a lot of work in that spreadsheet. It looks very interesting and I will go through it and see if there are areas I need to modify, especially as I don’t have access to Y&T (and my French is terrible). Stanley Gibbons is also a very good reference, especially in the areas of the British Empire and Russia.

      One comment, for DCStamps, the history decides whether an entity is included (or broken down in some way). I have found that Stamp Catalogues are sometimes not the best reference, because they often list entries for collectors convenience, while not always historically accurate.

      I will work through your spreadsheet (although it will probably take several months as my time with stamps has been limited for a short bit) but if I see any issues, I will drop you an email.


  18. MandiDavid says:


  19. MandiDavid says:

    I have my fathers stamp collection some stamps are from places that no longer exist . where are the best place to sell these and to get a valuation on all the vast amounts of stamps there are some very old valuation books as well please help as I would like them to be treasured than stuck in the attic

    • Michael says:

      Thank you for visiting DCStamps. I am not sure where you live, but I would highly recommend that you find a local dealer in your area and set up an appointment for him/her to give you an evaluation. You should be able to use the internet to help find them. Even if you can’t find anybody close, you can call a dealer that is not too far away, and often they are willing to travel to your home to give the collection an evaluation.

      I wouldn’t recommend eBay or another on line auction site, unless you know what you are selling.

  20. Dmitry says:

    Don’t see Ajman, Dubain list i, Umm-Al-Qiwain, Fujeira etc. now UAE states (emirates)…

    • Michael says:

      Hello, thank you for visiting DCStamps. You are correct, as I state at the top of the list, I only include “countries” that ceased to exist before the end of 1955. Primarily because that I what I collect, so I understand the limitation. One of these days, I will create an expanded list which includes those that existed later, such as the countries you mentioned.

  21. Jose says:

    This is what I was looking for! My collection includes precisely dead countries and polities.
    I recently bought interesting Sudetenland overprints, Siberian varieties and other nice stamps. Of modern times, I have some interesting (bogus?) overprints of Ukrainian cities (1991-92) on USSR stamps.
    Maybe we can exchange pictures or real stamps if interested.
    Best wishes,

    • Michael says:

      It is always great to meet another Dead Country collector, especially one who is interested in understanding the history, background and politics of the situation. I actually don’t have any of the Sudetenland overprints, but someday I will find some. I would love to see some of your pictures (you can see many of mine, right here at DCStamps, if you click the Album Links). Also, I am always up for exchanges. You are free to email me at
      Thank you for visiting DCStamps.

  22. Yogev says:

    Great site that I found that found by chance.
    Very helpfull for my French world collection that I bought last January.

    Very nice.

    • Michael says:

      Thank you for visiting, I am glad you found the site helpful. Unfortunately, my French world stamps on the are somewhat sparse at the moment, but I expect over time I will have more. I have yet to work through some of the big areas such as Indochine, or the French Africa area.

  23. Tom Nichols says:

    This a great site it has helped me to ID many stamps. I have come accross several stamps from Nederlandsch-Indie…I did not see this item in your list


    • Michael says:

      I am so glad you enjoyed DCStamps. Comments like yours make the site totally worthwhile. I currently don’t have very many Netherland Indies stamps. I am looking at some at some auctions, but currently am concentrating on organizing my Russia Area stamps as my “winter project”.

  24. David Reedy says:

    Great site that I found though Big Blue. I was actually looking for info on Greek forgeries, but I also collect Portugal& Colonies. The stuff on Greek occupations or vice versa area great. Thanks

    • Michael says:

      Thanks David
      I bought a very nice Greek collection about 6 months ago (primarily because it had a good variety of occupations). I continue to work through it and will hopefully finish it this year. Stay tuned.

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