Baltics Transition Chart


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3 Responses to Baltics Transition Chart

  1. Rob Maher says:

    Nice chart! As an addition to the Baltic area, shouldn’t the former German city of Danzig be included? It has a rich and varied stamp history, much like Memel, which did make your chart.

    • Michael says:

      Hi Rob
      Thanks for visiting DCStamps.
      I like the different Transition Charts, I find them very helpful for my research. I don’t consider Danzig part of the Baltics, rather it will be included in the Germany/Poland area charts when I complete them.

      • Rob Maher says:

        I may have jumped in here a bit quickly. I was looking at “Baltic” in reference to the sea, where you are referring to the three Baltic countries and the areas they now contain. It certainly is an interesting part of the world! Nice site.


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