ALBUM – Thessaly, Ottoman Occupation (1897 – 1898)

These are “virtual album pages” from the Dead Country collection of W. Michael Adkins. If interested in how they were made, go to the About This Site page. To link directly to the pdf file, click here.

Unless otherwise noted, numbers are from the Scott Catalogue.

2 Responses to ALBUM – Thessaly, Ottoman Occupation (1897 – 1898)

  1. Sean Parry says:

    I have a full set of five unmounted mint sheets of 9 of these stamps, please could you advise me of the current market price on them in £ sterling. Would you be interested in purchasing them from me?

    • Michael says:

      Hi Sean, welcome to DCStamps.
      The Ottoman stamps are certainly interesting stamps. Regarding the market price, it all depends on lots of things. As single stamps they might be work a pound or two each, but for full sheets I really don’t know. I would suggest you look at Ebay or Delcampe Auctions for anyone who might be offering sheets of these stamps and see what they are selling them for. Better yet, check with a local stamp dealer, as they might be able to give you the best idea.
      As for me, I am not a dealer, and don’t buy sheets.
      Good Luck

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