DCStamps Investigator

The DCStamps Investigator is a weekly feature at DCStamps, which delves into an interesting aspect of Dead Country collecting. Articles include a broad range of topic that will enhance our understanding of collecting stamps and banknotes from countries that no longer exist. They can feature such subjects as: revealing an important historical event, discussing the geography of an area, discovering the back story on a stamp or an entire set, learning to identify forgeries, understanding the currency, meeting influential individuals from the country, and much, much more. Hopefully each issue will contribute to our broader appreciation about our collections and our hobby.

As DCStamps has a large global audience, I know we have knowledgeable people in many areas visiting this site. Please, I want to hear from you, and would encourage everyone to share their expertise. In fact, the Investigator welcomes well written contributions from our knowledgeable readers. Just leave a comment below, and I will contact you. Of course, acceptance solely depends upon content and quality.

DCStamps Investigator Issues

Issue #1 – Launch issue, discussing the future plans of DCStamps
Issue #2 – What is a Dead Country?

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